Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho sees this year's influx of older European club stars  into Majors Soccer as a key substitute its northern border American league's global  evolution.

From Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard gonna La Galaxy to fellow Englishman  and Chelsea icon Frank Lampard signing with Ny and long-time Stamford  Bridge teammate Didier Drogba about to Montreal, MLS has had big names to some  growing group of fans hungry for the greatest talent.

"The evolution is clear. You get superstars, people like Drogba, Gerrard,  Frank Lampard," Mourinho said. "I noticed the difference. I could feel the difference."  Add

Italian star Andrea Pirlo and Spaniard David Villa with New York City and Brazil's  Kaka with Orlando City and MLS adjusted well beyond purchasing when only David Beckham's  Galaxy garnered significant international appeal."Our sport isn't the king here," Mourinho said during Chelsea's recent USA tour. 

"Bringing healthy teams and players feeds the pressure to develop." The Portugese  mastermind sees pre-season American tours from top European sides within building  that MLS evolution and new pools of fans for overseas clubs as well.

"To depart a great image for our clubs is a vital thing, and to give rise to  the potency of our sport in the us," Mourinho said. "Your next evolution is usually to  bring them somewhat younger, using more than quite a while, with more to offer to MLS."

Toronto might have started that movement, having let Jermain Defoe return to Europe  and earned 28-year-old Italian international Sebastian Giovinco, the "Atomic Ant"  who spent most of his time at Juventus on loan to clubs. And 26-year-old Mexican  star Giovanni Dos Santos has taken fresh excitement for the Galaxy pursuing the  arrival of Gerrard.


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